ICT Test fixture

Our service design/wiring/assembly/debug is complete in Thai domestic
Best price and best lead-time , Also our fixture has high quality and high precision.
Our ICT Fixtures is combinable function test(LED Test/Sensor Test/Switch Test/etc)
And We can provide other brand of ICT Fixtures also.

Adapter Type
It is used with Adapter. This type is suitable for both press unit type KPU-120 and KPU-080.
The fixture of Adapter type is smaller than normal type ,It is easy to keep at store.

Kyoritsu standard type. Box type support PCB size bigger than M size.
We have various opiton for Box type fixture. For example OK stamp,SW probe, Polarity check, etc

We can design ICT and simply Function Test by one fixture. This type is suite for sensor PCB / Buzzer PCB.
We can provide best testing solution to simply PCB. Also LED color test help quality for LED PCB.

Hand press Type
Hand press type is suit for small PCB. The loading PCB and Press up/down is quickly than Air press unit. And small body and low weight help to change production layout easily.

In-Line Type
This Fixture for In-Line ICT ”ALMAX”.
PCB load/unload and ICT press down/up automatically.
This fixture have sensor to detect PCB direction.

Other Type
We have experience fixture of other brand. Please contact us to ask our experience freely.

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