On the basis of the factory Automation technology ,
Kyoritsu is contributing to all kinds of industries.

Kyoritsu Electric/Engineering Thailand

Kyoritsu Electric/Engineering Thailand provides Factory Automation/Customized Machine/Testing facility/ PCB Test system , based on intelligent FA technology to customer of manufacturing.
The production trasfer to asian countries in recent years , We propse best manufacturing solution to customers base on our experience at Japan.
Our global network 9 countries/15 branch provide prompt support and best propose to customers.
Our company activity make Stakeholders has benefit and It contribute to social

Our Products

  • Print-Circuit Board

    We provide ICT-FCT Test system/Test Fixture/IT system for improve productivity for semiconductor production.
    Our products is designed and assembly at Thailand . We provide suite product for customer production.
    Main user is PCB assembly of Home Appliance/OA equipment/Electric vehicle/Automotive categories.

  • Factory Automation System

    We provide best solution for customer production by one-stop service. Our service is Production machine/Test system/IoT system/Construction and other for production. We propose best solution base on a lot of experience of factory automation.

  • Production Facility

    We are dealer of production facility.
    Environmental testing , CNC machine , Vision system , measurement instruments , etc .
    We sales product that your required promptly.

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